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In YPLS you no longer have to worry about the safety of your packaging. Our system has provided the online tracking system and it is the fastest way to find out the location of your shipment. We will give a tracking number you can use to track your parcel or package online. This tracking number is really convenient as you don’t have to call us as we offer your real time shipping status details, which you can check yourself around the world, around the clock.

We are responsible to update the status of your shipment and every time it reaches the transit station where our people will double check your packaging and ensure the appropriate handling for your package so it will reach the right destination. In some cases if the parcel cannot reach to the destination due to the failure or locating the receiver, we will make sure that it will reach to the origin. To avoid the situation occurs, we’re glad to remind you to double-check the address of the destination of your delivery.

The company’s tracking system has enhanced our capability in serving our client with the best logistic services besides making it faster and more accurate, yet efficiency. The system enables the transparency of entire courier fleet at the exact time. This is the benefit which enjoyed by many of our remaining clients.

Hence, if your have problem with the tracking system land need our assistance, we are always convenient to assist you. We will assure that it will be solved as soon as possible. We always alert with every problem that our clients face today and these concerns put us competitive with the large courier companies.

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