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We have a special approach for your business solutions. We have personal approaches for the clients with their daily mailing needs. With more than 250 staffs worldwide, we are able to deliver your goods directly to your grocery and access your business with the best packaging deliveries.

Our logistic services are created to be business-friendly and meet the needs of both small and big enterprises.  We put our effort to work closely with our client to find solution optimistically and manage infrastructure, process and technologies. Our logistic services supply chain with the latest technologies that ensure the most closest and proximate route to get the destination of the delivery.

YPLS logistic services covers:
-Personal delivery service
-Packaging services for small and medium business
-Corporate and public service

Our YPLS team is well-trained in searching appropriate logistic solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We are always ready to take new challenges to provide the answer for your business. We have been aided most corporate clients with some of the most challenging logistic services while expanding our own logistic portfolio.

For Your Convenience, We Accept:

01. Sending & handling
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02. Receiving
Our company operates package delivery and receiving services. Read more
03. Business Solutions
We have a special approach for your business solutions. Read more