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Our involvement at the international stage allows us to understand in managing the cross border trading in several countries. We are mature in dealing with the customs brokerage, clearance and compliance services.

One of the major tasks in delivering your goods is to ensure the security of yours goods as it moving across the international borders. Just after you hand the trustable goods to us for further deliverance, we will provide a complete security as well as insurance against some unforeseen events that might occur to your packaging.

As we growing with new entries and requests, we learn to negotiate from simple international shipping regulations to most complicated custom clearance. This successful negotiation has made us one step closer to the world’s regulatory authorities and policy. Now, we are able to put the company at outstanding position with the customs authorities and enhance our service for the clients. We also have special custom experts in each country which deal with the uncommon regulation. They are responsible to handle your parcel and package with maximum efficiency so that the receiver doesn’t have to waste time dealing with the customs authorities.

Providing full security and insurance for the packaging is a part of our effort to gain the trust from our client. Our management team works hard to ensure your assets are protected from the origin to the destination. They are responsible to make sure that our standards are applied and assist our client to have the satisfaction with our services. Our efforts and strength to keep the best logistic services can be proven by the fact that we have so many long-standing clients which become the unwilled witnesses of our successfulness.

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